Today whilst the world is wondering about Saudi Arabia, a totally misunderstood country, René Tchékof Minosa presents in this book, the region of Najran, within the confinement of the immense Rub Al Khali desert and the ancient kingdom of Queen Saba.
In the heart of a green and silent oasis, the countrymen builders put up towers of several tiers made of clay.
In the surrounding area, the last nomads of the Arabic peninsular take on one of the biggest deserts on earth navigating by the stars. Here, far form the convulsions of the world, unfolds an ancestral world.
From Turkey to India, Brigitte St Preux and René Tchékof Minosa will be getting married ten times according to the strangest rituals, amongst the most amazing events.
From Istanbul to Jaipur, the adventure lasted three years, across deserts and mountains and up to the high valleys of the Himalayas.
With the Kalash, last pagan tribe from the Orient..... with the Kouchi, famous Afghan nomads ... with the Kurds at war....
with the last Maharadjas from Rajasthan....
A novel about love and adventure... a true story!

-  Weddings around the world.

- Voyage to Kurdistan.

- The Kouchi nomads from the top of the world.

- The Turkmen, last sons of Ghengis Khan.

- In the kingdom of Tsiam, the Kalashs.

- Maharadja wedding at the wind palace.

- The Dervishs of Kurdistan.

- Free air.

René Tchékof Minosa has produced numerous texts and photo reports for magazines, international companies such as :
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